Blacks most likely wrongfully convicted of crimes, study shows


Kendrick Morris, pictured here with his parents, says he has been wrongfully convicted of attempted murder.


The majority of individuals wrongfully convicted of murder, sexual assault and drug crimes are Black, according to a study recently released by the National Registry of Wrongful Convictions titled “Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States.” In addition, African-American prisoners who are convicted of murder are about 50 percent more likely to be innocent than other convicted murderers. Connie McCullar, the mother of an incarcerated Black man, feels her son’s past caused a judge to view him as criminal despite what she views as a lack of evidence.  

“I don’t know if they had a vendetta against Black boys, or whatever, but something caused them to say, ‘I’m taking those boys down, and we are going to say whatever to get them off the street.’ I understand that … my child could have been doing any and everything wrong in Indianapolis, but he still doesn’t deserve to be locked up for something he didn’t do,” said McCullar.  Read Full Story




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