NAACP Help Belmont Heights After Hurrican Irma

State Rep Shawn Shaw, City Councilman Frank Reddick, Councilman Mike Saurez, NAACP Branch President Yvette Lewis, NAACP Youth Council and members of Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi Fraternities were some of the volunteers today as food and water were distributed to residents of Belmont Heights Estates.

These people provided representatives, supplies and/or showed up to help distribute food and water to the residents. 

In the aftermath of hurricane Irma, Belmont Heights has been without electricity, air conditioning, and water for over 4 days.  One resident said that she had been cooking on a grill and had used all of her supplies to cook on the open grill.  Now she has used all of the charcoal and still does not have power.  No food in the stores and no power in the home has caused a lot of problems for many of the residents as they have to survive 90 plus degree weather.  

Walmart helped in the process of supplying water and food for the residents.  In the evening a local food truck, Flip and Tasty, provided hot meals for the residents.  One of the owners of the truck said, he understood the struggles the residents endure because he has experienced the same problem in another county of Florida.  This was his way of helping in some way and giving back to the community. Overall, the facilities manager said that this was a life saving event for the residents.   

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