Empowerment Center

The NAACP Empowerment Center, in partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools, Hillsborough County Government and the City of Tampa, offers a free business services program, providing accessible training, workshops, and network opportunities to local small and minority business enterprises.

The mission of the Empowerment Center is to provide new and existing small businesses with access to information that facilitates business development, growth, and success, creating positive economic impact in the Tampa community.


We are looking for Businesses that would like to conduct awareness workshops or seminars with us.

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Partnership with the Office of Supplier Diversity for Hillsborough County School System

The Facility
Small Business Owners have access to the Empowerment Center during regular business hours and by appointment.
Resources include:
1. Internet Access, including HCPS VendorBid Online Registration Program and Demand Star Online BidNotices
2. Small Meeting Room (2-5 persons)
3. Conference Room (up to 25 persons, by reservation)
4. Technical Services Support (such as computers, speaker phone, fax, and printers).

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Empowerment Center
Hours: 3:00 – 7:00 PM
Phone: 813.374.9250
Fax: 813.236.2248
Email: empowerment@naacphillsborough.org