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The NAACP offers a couple of different membership types, including youth membership and adult membership.

Individuals interested in joining the NAACP can do so directly from the official website of the NAACP.

Youth without Crisis Magazine = $10
Women in NAACP (WIN) = $10
Must be regular Member
Youth with Crisis Magazine = $15
Regular Adult = $30
Junior Life (age 13 and under) = $100
Bronze Life (age 14 – 20) = $400
Silver Life or small business = $750
Gold Life (must be fully paid Silver First) = $1,500
Diamond Life (Must be fully paid Silver First) = $2,500
Corporate = $5,000

Individuals who are interested in becoming a youth member must be under the age of 21, and adults interested must be at least 21 years old or older.

People can also choose to give someone a gift membership. There are also options available for members to upgrade to a lifetime membership. Current members can renew their membership online as well.

The NAACP also offers a youth and college membership option. Under the junior council membership option, any person under the age of 13 can join and learn basic leadership development skills, as well as perform community services in key focus areas.

The high school membership chapter is any person who is enrolled as a student in a high school can join, where the focus is training and developing the skills that are necessary for leadership and activism. These members are involved in community education and youth activities.

For those wishing to join under a college membership, the person must be under the age of 25 and enrolled as a student at a college or university. The focus is training and fine-tuning intellectual and leadership skills with an increased awareness in social and political activism.